Selecting a tent as an outdoor shelter is the best option compare to tarp or any other thing. But as technology developing various different kinds of camping tent or family tent has been introduced in the market.

So TheCampingTent helps you to decide the best tent for you according to quality, looks, and price of a tent.

Before going further let me tell you that I will introduce 5 best camping tents which are easily available on so that if you might get interested you can buy from there.

Before going any deep topic of the tent let me clarify why humans need a tent. We all know that human need shelter, this is an important thing which helps us to live.

So a camping tent helps us to provide shelter in various different weather. It helps to maintain our body temperature in various conditions.

So now you know the importance of a tent let’s dig deep that which kind of tent suits you.

5 Best Camping Tent Reviews in 2020

Here, we will show you five tents which are great to choose from. You will know different types of tents and 5 best tent brands that offer quality tents for camping adventurers all over the world.

The reviews are made for five tents with different features. Let’s see which are they and which can satisfy your camping needs.

1. Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant SetupThis instant tent is very convenient for eight persons. It is made of polyester and taped seams. The best thing about this tent is the pre-attached poles making it simpler and quicker to set up. All you need to do is extend and secure it, and it is ready for occupancy in about 60 seconds.

The WeatherTec system provides the patented welded floors that keep water out during rainy seasons. It has enough room for stretching out two large airbeds and two pockets for storing small items in your cabin. Its integrated rainfly vents provide extra airflow requiring no additional assembly.

The sides have large windows front and back, and zipped roof vents for adequate ventilation. The 6 feet center height gives enough room for movement inside the tent. At the end of your adventure, it is easy to pack the tent in the expandable carry bag and store it safely until the next time.

If you are interested in Coleman tents then you should look at our Coleman 6 person instant cabin tent review also.

2. ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 3 Person FG Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person TentThis tent is designed with two free-standing shock-corded fiberglass poles and aluminum ferrules pole clips for quickly snapping the tent over the poles. The tent material is 75 185T polyester that resists UV damage and keeps taut when setting up. It has a factory sealed floor, and fly seams that provide the best protection against the weather.

Are you a one-person camper? Look how ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1 person tent looks like and what are its features.

ALPS tent is made with 75D 185 T Taffeta Floor that is coated and has very large zippers on the two doors providing extra durability. The tent has adequate ventilation through the two zippered windows in each door. The large side mesh also contributes to the increased ventilation within the tent.

It is built at 6ft in height and weighs 8.75 lbs. The poles are larger than normal, therefore offering a stronger tent. The floor is coated with 1500 mm for insulation, but the walls are uncoated to allow the tent to breathe. With two doors, you can easily get out at night without having to crawl over your tent companion.

3. Wenzel Blue Ridge Tent, Red, 7 Person

Wenzel Blue Ridge TentWenzel Blue Ridge tent for seven persons is another on the list of our 5 best camping tent reviews.

The Wenzel tents range in size from the small ones for two persons to the massive ten-person tent. The fabric is waterproof, made of Weather Armor polyester fabric with a polyurethane coating to make it shed water. The floor has welded seams so there are no small holes that could let water seep in like in other tents.

Wenzel tents are affordable in the market without compromising on quality. It’s designed with multi-diameter poles to provide extra headroom. It is perfect for a group of 7 people. The dividing curtain offers two sleeping areas in the tent. This tent has mesh roof vents for adequate ventilation, four convenient pockets, flapped zippered window, and one door. It weighs 18 lbs with a floor size of 14 by nine ft, giving an area of 117 square feet. The tent has a peak height of 72 inches.

4. Ozark Trail 22 piece Camping Combo Set

Ozark Trail 22 piece Camping Combo SetThis combo contains 22 pieces, making your camping convenient as it has everything you will need. It comfortably fits a queen-sized airbed or four persons on the floor. Its free-standing design allows for easy assembly. It has an electrical port, gear pockets, and gear loft keeping you connected. The tent allows you to remove the rainfly during the night and stare at the stars. Other than seeing through, the mesh ports aid in ventilating the tent.

Comfortably sleep in the included two sleeping bags, foam sleeping pads, and pillows. To make it complete outdoors adventure, you are provided with two folding chairs equipped with mesh cup holders. This is very convenient for sitting around the campfire as you light with the LED lamp. Two dry bags are included in this package to help keep your extra gear dry even in the wet weather. At the end of your camping, simply pack this camping combo into the large carry bag that makes it easy to store until the next time.

5. MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Tent

MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person TentThis 29 square foot roomy tent can comfortably accommodate two persons. It weighs 1.54 kg, making it very portable and can easily fold into a compact 18 by 6-inch package to easily fit into any backpack. It is designed with two doors for easy exit and entry. And it feels airy and spacious with the roll-up vestibules and stargazers’ view that provides enough ventilation.

MSR has great tents for taking a vacation in the mountains or somewhere in the wild.

There are two options to choose from, one with a footprint and another without. Its unified hub and pole system make it easy to set up and clip with the color-coded clips. The material keeps it dry even in a rainstorm. The floor has 300mm dura shield polyurethane for insulation. The floor and canopy are made of a durable 20/30 denier nylon that provides protection from water, is light but very durable. This is one of the simplest tents to use for camping, especially if you are alone or with a partner.

Best Camping Tents Buying Guide

How to decide which tent is good for you

I personally divide different camping tent into two categories:

1st Category is Quality

Family Tent For CampingWhen we choose quality over anything then various things come in play. Following are some important feature of quality tent:

Light Weight – When it comes to weight, all we like lightweight things. Because during camping we generally have to take a camp tent with us and all don’t like heavy bags.

Strong body – Who like if your tent gets a shake in some little wind or rainfall. Yes during camping these things come to play in hard. So it is an important feature of a camping tent that how strong it is to resist any weather change.

Durable – Durability also comes in the quality of a tent, we all don’t like to buy again and again the same thing. So going with a good quality tent is a nice option which stays for a long time.

2nd Category is Sleeping Capacity

Camping tent start from 1 person tent to 10 person tent. Generally, a family tent starts from 4 people which is good for a small family.

In my opinion, if you looking for a family tent and want to use it for a long time then I suggest looking for a tent which is above 7-person and 8-person. Because the capacity tent will have more comfortable it will be. After all comfort matters in a shelter, who like to stay or sleep in a complex area.

Following thing which you have to look for every tent

1. Tent Company

Camping TentsTent if of which company, it is very important now days very new company launching a new camping tent product. SO having knowledge about the various companies is always a good point.

Here I will not personally name some company instead of that I will suggest you prefer an old company because they now that quality matters overlook and they have done various tests on their product to be in the market for a long time.

2. Tent Capacity

Make sure you have a clear idea about the dimension of the tent and you perfectly know how many people going to stay inside that tent. Because no one wants a complex area inside a nylon cloth.

3. Tent Material

People generally mistake this by purchasing the wrong tent material. SO make sure that your tent is made up of good quality. Try to prefer nylon and polyester tent because they are strong and lightweight which can be carried anywhere in a backpack.

4. Tent Weight and Dimension

Who likes if your tent is too heavy. If your tent is too heavy then you are in big trouble in case of trekking in the mountain area. So taking tent weight as a consideration is a good choice. Note the more big tent you want for more people more its weight will grow, so select tent size according to that not just select randomly 10 people tent in which just two people are staying.